Discussion of the master's thesis in the English language and tagged  

bayan university On Sanday, 30th August 2020, in the presence of the examination committee, the master thesis of the student, Danar Abdulla Ibrahim, in English language department was examined in Beshikchy hall in Faculty of Arts. The thesis was under the title (A Study of Advertisements in English and Kurdish with Reference to the Cooperative Principle and Implicature). After a thorough examination of the thesis by the committee members and the defence of the student on his thesis content, the thesis was accepted, and MA degree was awarded to the student.

It is worth to mention that the committee board consisted of the following members:

 Prof. Dr. Abas Fadhil Lutfy, head of the committee.

 Prof. Dr. Lanja Abdulrazaq Dabakh, member.

Dr. Nyaz Muhsen Aziz, member.

Dr. Muhammed Salman Mansur, member and supervisor.