To celebrate the international amnesty day ( Law College of Law and International Relations And Diplomacy , the Workshop shows no ( Taziz Qaim al-Tamamah and the need for a change of law and international relations )

bayan university Under the supervision of the president of the University, Mr. Dr. Fouad Sherif Mawlud, and to celebrate the anniversary of the International Forgiveness Day (Ayum al-Duli Letsamah), the dean of the College of International Law and Relations and Diplomacy, the Workshop On Monday, 16-11-2020 at 11 a.m. by College dean dr. Solav Abdullah presented this issue and highlighted the importance of UNESCO's decision to study and publish the culture to mark November 16 who is a new state day for forgiveness and also focused on the role of the regional government to overcome the principles of forgiveness and understanding and talked about the achievements of the Kurdistan Region in the region of The Market did in legal and human - political and human - related decisions and respect for their components and freedoms and eventually several rave syllables and suggestions were exchanged in the in the academic role in the violation of human rights standards.bayan universitybayan universitybayan university