The University of Bayan organized a workshop under the title (( How much can you get the cooperation between the Department of Social And Business Market Self-Control Program ))

bayan university On Wednesday, which is the 18/11/2020 agreement, a workshop was held in the presence of each of the university's presidents. Assistance professor dr. Fuad Mawlud Sharif, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs( Dr. Bangin Christ Awdel) and Assistant President of the University for Student Affairs (Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Ramzan) a number of teachers and head of the Department of Bayan University were held under the title (How much can we get the agreement between the Miria study program and the labor market))
There should be cooperation between the accounting study and the job market and accounting needs during the continuous developments and changes in the world of technology.Those parties that benefit from this subject are students of accounting studies, universities, private institutes, and employers and can also help to develop the ways of education.