BNU in the 3rd International Scientific Conference of Cihan University

Mrs. Alaa Badia Baban (MSc), Head of Computer Science Department, Bayan University (BNU), participated in the 3rd International Scientific Conference on Communications and Computer Science (COCOS'19) at the Cihan University, held on Monday 29/4/2019.

COCOS'19 at the conference hall of Cihan University - Erbil and in the presence of the representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Regional Government and Prof. Dr. Amjad Saber Al-Dalawi (President of the University) and Dr. Nozad Bajger And Dr. Naomi Salem and the heads of the university departments. The conference was attended by a group of researchers from different universities and dozens of academic figures and researchers from inside and outside Iraq.

The conference was initiated by two main speakers

1- Prof. Naomi Salem, University of Technology

2- Prof. Omar Al-Ramhi, University of Waterloo, Canada

The number of participants (60 participants with 20 acepted reseach papers)

The conference is an international reference resource dedicated to the promotion of theory and practice in communications engineering and computer science. CIC.COCOS19 promotes collaborative discrimination between academics and professionals from the communications and computer engineering.

Over the past (CIC_COCOS19) has developed a powerful network of leading researchers and pioneers in communications and computer science.

The participation of Mrs Alaa (MSc) in the conference with her research entitled "Designing and Implementing a Networked Digital Library" is a research that discusses the work that will be achieved by the traditional libraries in obtaining digital libraries, as well as their definition, need, advantages and disadvantages, and the requirement of building a digital library.

Emphasis is also placed on developing a description of the role of the Librarian in the new environment.

Greenstone is a collection of software to build and distribute digital library collection. Provides a new way to organize and publish information on the Internet in the form of a fully searchable digital library on metadata.

Materials tested: Image processing, computer network, computer engineering

The conference witnessed wide scientific discussions at the level of the participating universities and colleges. The conference resulted in a series of research discussions about the participating researches. The certificates were then distributed to the researchers by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President of Cihan University.

Researcher name: Alaa Badi Baban

  • Scientific: Asst.Lec
  • Specialization: Computer Engineering
  • Number of researches: (5)
  • Number of teaching years: (4)
  • Telephone number. : 07736976923
  • E-mail:

Bayan University (BNU) is a private university located in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). BNU was founded in 2014 and consists of 4 faculties and 16 departments such as Computer Science, Law, International Relations, Accounting, Business Management and MLS.