A training and Workshop Session for Students of DLAW

DLAWThe academics of College of Law and International Relations (CLIN) at Bayan University (BNU), in cooperation with the Investigator of the Rule of Law, organized a series of applied lectures in the field of criminal procedure law.

The College of Law and International Relations (CLIN) organized in cooperation with one of the most important civil society organizations interested in legal and judicial issues under the supervision of the director of the respected organization Dr. Ahmed Miran. A scientific workshop for students of Bayan University on 8th April 2019.

Students of the Law Department have been trained as a "fourth stage" by a number of well known regional figures in terms of practical achievement and field experience in the field that can help students identify many points that can help them in their future work on a number of issues which deals with the rule of law in criminal proceedings.

Judge Bader Al-Din Syed Al-Barzanji presented a lecture entitled "The Role of Prosecutors in the Investigation and Trial Phase"

Then the police presented a lecture on the role of the police in the investigation
Counselor Broz Said Kurshaguli provides a lecture on the role of counsel in the investigation and trial phase.

The workshop concluded by asking many questions by the students about many of the axes that were discussed by the professor and acquainted with the most important criminal decisions issued by the competent courts.

Bayan University (BNU) is a private university located in the city of Erbil the capital of Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). BNU consist of 4 colleges and 16 Departments such as Computer Science, Law, International Relations, Accounting, Business Administration and MLS.