Bayan University organized a workshop under the title "Violence, Mountaining as a Factor in Family Dissolution Factors

bnuUnder the supervision of the university president Assistant Professor Doctor . Fouad Mawlud Sherif, under the supervision of The Dean of the College of Law and Communications  Dr. Sulaf Abdullah) because of the day of fighting violence against women, the deanship of the college of law and relations continues to carry out scientific activities on Wednesday 2-12-2020, in newroz and the shop was given In the light of violence, mountain-building as a factor in family dissolution, mrs. Sozan Arif, head of the Women's Empowerment Organization, presented the first topic of the women's empowerment organization with the help of violence against women as a factor for separation, and the results highlighted violence as a phenomenon in the world
The international strategic for combating as well as the role of laws to enforce the justice system , and the second issue is called " Separation Type " in the Personal Status Law No. 155 of 1959 , which discussed she discussed the importance of family law intellectuals during family formation, separation time, and the consequences on women, children, families, and the importance of family violence. Then di. Naska Taha , on the third subject , spoke of the role of prosecutors in personal status demands and family protection when threatened by violence and anti - society opinion . Then the discussion was held by the attendees and finally by the president of the university presented a statement to the researchers and attendees.