Bayan University department of Accounting participated in a scientific journey.

bayan universityCollege of Administration and Accounting Bayan University. Department of Accounting held a scientific journey to Qallat Bank. Second and fourth stages participated in a scientific journey to Qalla bank on 9/12/2020. Bank director Miss Shireen welcomed our students. Furthermore, Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Anni held this journey from department of accounting with student union of Bayan University. A practical seminar also held by the Qalla bank administrations for further understanding of the bank management. Students also participated by comments and questions. At the end of the journey Dr. Abdulwahab and Students Union of bayan University gave a flower to the Qalla bank administration for the warm welcomeing and both sides dedicate and insist on further collaboration and projects in the future between Bayan University and Qalla bank.

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