Reverse marketing and its impact on rationalising customer behaviour

11th Workshop of BNUBNU pleased to announce its 11th Workshop on a new and important topic of Reverse marketing. In view of the developments facing the world of rapid changes in all aspects. These changes make the organisations seek and adapt to their external environment in order to reach the focused target markets. This will ensure their future survival and make the customer the main focus. The success of all activities and operations of these organisations are directly depending on the customer's position towards service they receive from these organisations.



The importance of the workshop:

It is important that this marketing activity is based on alternative policy (do not), and as a marketer needs sufficient information about products, markets and reserves against unfair competition owners who use reverse marketing to distract customers from other competitors.

The objective of the workshop:

The need to adopt modern trends in marketing, in order to keep pace with developments in the external environment and adapt to them, which makes the customer ready and ready to act towards the acquisition of products.

First Session:

The concept of marketing management and reverse marketing is recognised, and at any time we need it, in addition to identifying its elements and factors affecting it.
This session is held by Dr Samy Saber Abdullah, Head of Tourism Department, Faculty of Administration and Economics, Salahuddin University, also a Lecturer at the College of Business and Economics, Bayan University

Second Session:

Highlighting some of the organizations' ways of achieving reverse marketing, as well as the impact of reverse marketing on rationalizing customer practices.
This session is held by M. Mahaat Nouri Abdullah with Specialisation Marketing Administration. He is a Teaching Staff of Management and Economics, University of Salahaddin - Erbil.  She is also a Teaching Staff at Bayan University College of Business and Economics.

Please Join us!

  • Bayan University (BNU), Gullan Str, Erbil EBL 550, KRI
  • 11:00 am to 14:00
  • Monday the 22nd of April 2019