A Workshop about \ Social Media (Importance & Protection)

bnuUnder the auspices of The President of Bayan University (Assistant professor doctor. Fouad Mouloud Sharif) on Monday, 15/2/2021, Bayan University organized a workshop entitled "Social Networking sites (their importance and how to protect against risks) by the teaching teacher in the Department of Computer Sciences, Mintad Naseer Al-Abboudi at Bayan University, and in the presence of the President of the University (Assistant Professor doctor. Fouad Mouloud Sharif)
Mr. Assistant President for Practical Affairs (Dr. Bankin Mesih Odel) and a number of department professors and teachers in this and other fields.  With millions of user data (or billions, in the case of Facebook) circulating around the web, the need for tighter security from social media platforms is essential. The wide range of age and level of technical expertise of social media users makes security management more complex

The social platform needs not only to combat hackers, but it also has to protect users whose personal security practices may be essential, and this workshop was set up in order to provide all support to teachers, staff and students in an effort to protect all their devices from unexpected intrusion and to maintain active and uncompromising accounts and also to inform them of the history of the Internet and the most important ways in which it reaches us and by any means
Professor Also explained what are the most important ways that enable the person to ensure the safety of their accounts from external interventions and provided the attendees with a set of sites that help to discover the strength and security of their personal sites and how to strengthen them as well, and the workshop included the participation of all in a number of experiments applied by the professor during the presentation of the workshop, which helped everyone to get important information that will help them in their lives and electronic work.

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