Bologna Process Transition and Implementation

Bologna ProcessThe BNU 2nd workshop deals with a strategic policy of the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) on the Bologna Process which is an intergovernmental cooperation of 48 European countries in the field of higher education. It guides the collective effort of public authorities, universities, teachers, and students, together with stakeholder associations, employers, quality assurance agencies, international organisations, and institutions, including the European Commission, on how to improve the internationalisation of higher education.





The main focus is:





    The Bologna Process also supports the modernisation of education and training systems to make sure these meet the needs of a changing labour market. This is important as the proportion of jobs requiring high skills grows, and the demand for innovation and entrepreneurship increases.

    Following the guidance and advice of the Ministry of Higher Education to implement the Bologna Process at all Kurdistan Universities, and to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher-education qualifications between Bayan University and the worldwide Universities, specifically European Universities, Bayan University is holding a one day workshop entitled "Bologna Process: Transition and Implementation". 

    The workshop will present the benefits behind the implementation of the Bologna Process, how to set the Study program and the mechanism of crediting and grading. Moreover, this workshop will explain the process of smooth shifting from the existing study program to the Bologna process.

    All academic staff of Bayan University BNU needs to attend this workshop. However, the working is open for all academics for other universities in the region. The workshop will take place at the Auditorium of Bayan University and will start at 10:30 am.

    Session holder:

    The workshop session will be presented by Prof. Salah I. Yahya, Director of the Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development at Koya University and member of the NUR project. 

    Arranged by

    Office of Vice President For Scientific Affairs
    Bayan University (BNU)




    10:30 to 2:00pm


    BNU Nawroz Hall