The Role of Universities in Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism

1st BNU Workshop Nov 4thThe first workshop of BNU explores the roles of universities in dealing with the violent extremism phenomenon in general and in Kurdistan In particular. It discusses the recent involvement of lecturers and students in supporting pro-Daesh movements in Iraq. The question of why universities are being targeted as recruitment grounds. The roles of universities in tackling violent extremism among their communities. It is clear that universities have a unique function in society to address the rise of violent extremism. However, these functions are currently undermined and not fully utilised to show their great role in addressing the issue. Educational institutions are considered to be “the third force” in countering violent extremism and terrorism, alongside government agencies and the intelligence community. They have multiples roles such as detector, educator, preventer, and producer of ideas in countering violent extremism.




Terrorism is the result of extremist ideology, which has proved to be the worst enemy of humanity. Therefore we must work with a comprehensive policy to address this phenomenon. We need first work on sustainable development and second on innovative and creative education. Higher Education Institutional centres are pioneers in countering terrorist ideology through education and the danger of infiltrating this idea into the educational system. Combating extremism requires spreading and promoting the culture of "positive thinking" and practising the values ​​of "tolerance" and "pluralism" The principles of moderation, the values ​​of moderation, the promotion of the role of women in the family, family formation and parental care.

Having a quite young society with a much higher ratio of a youngster getting to the path of higher education to lead to professional life, it is extremely important to focus of the universities as a major player in forming the accountable professional of the future for this region. 

The main themes of the Workshop

Session one: The role of universities and educational curricula in confronting destructive ideas which will be presented by Dr. Abdul Ghafour Karim. He is holding a PhD in Political Science, and currently is the Head of the Department of International Relations at the College of Law and International Relations at Bayan University.

Session two: The role in the fight against radical thought. This session is presented by Dr.Abdulwahab Khairy who is holding a PhD in Islamic Sciences and teaching at the College of Law and International Relations at Bayan University.

Session three: The role of law in the fight against the extremism. This session is presented by Dr. Nabeel Al-Obeidi who is holding a PhD in International Criminal Law and is an academic expert in international counterterrorism professor at Kitab University.

Arranged by
College of Law and International Relations

Bayan University (BNU)




10:30 to 2:00pm


BNU Nawroz Hall