The participation of the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Bayan University

bayan university(Mrs. Alaa Badie Baban) in an international scientific research training course entitled “Scientific Research Methodology and Classification of International Journals”
Sponsored by the European-Arab Network for Studies at the Roal Swedish University
sponsored by the Knowledge Enrichment Academy
In the International Friendship with the Organization and the global gateway to Rika. 
Where the course took place from November 3-24, 2021, and after passing the final exam for the course, Mrs. Alaa Badie Baban obtained a certificate of passing an international course signed by the Royal Swedish University, the Euro-Arab Network for Studies and the Academy for Enriching Knowledge in the International Friendship Organization, as well as a university order signed by the President of the Network Euro-Arab Studies, Victoria University, London, UK.



bayan university