( An International Workshop in our University About Achieving Sustainable Development Through Nanotechnology)



The Department of Business Administration Conduct the International Workshop entitled” Achieving sustainable development through nanotechnology in light of the challenges of technology” on 3rd Sept 2022. The workshop was opened by Mr. Aso Kurdo Ahmed, Head Department of business administration, College of Administration and Economics, Bayan University.

The first speaker was prof Dr. Hamd Muhammed, a Lecturer in the Department of Engineering.

The second speaker was Dr. Eng. Mustafa Ahmad Rajab, a member of the International Parliament of Scholars, European Union Human Development, and President of the Academy of Rehabilitation and Development - Kingdom of Sweden

The aim of this International workshop is to shed light on the present mineral deposits and industrial rocks which are present in Kurdistan Region. Moreover, it is aimed to outline the economic potentials of the recorded mineral showings and the already carried out studies for their evaluation, and to recommend future studies and investments. Furthermore, a comparative outline of the availability of educational institutions for petroleum engineering and the availability and actual needs for petroleum engineers as compared to mining engineers had been shed lightl on it.25 persons attended the workshop.

Date: Saturday 3/12/2022

Place : Library Hall

Official decree number: A-64 on 3rd Sept 2022