Bayan University organised a workshop entitled "Reverse Marketing and its Implications for the Rationalisation of Customer Behavior"


BNU Workshop on Demarketing and its impact on rationalizing customer behavior BNU Press Office 22/4/2019

In view of the developments facing the world of rapid changes in all aspects, which makes the organizations always seek to adapt to their external environment in order to reach the target markets focused on the organizations in order to ensure the survival of the future and make the customer the main focus on which the success of all Activities and operations of these organisations.

Bayan University organised a workshop entitled "Reverse Marketing and its Implications for the Rationalisation of Customer Behavior" on Monday 22/4/2019. M. MAHABAD NURI ABDULLAH / MAIN ADMINISTRATION Marketing, Teaching staff of Administration and Economics, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Teaching at Bayan University College of Management and Economics.

M. Sami Saber Abdullah, Head of Tourism Department, College of Management and Economics, Salahaddin University, Lecturer, College of Management and Economics, Bayan University.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Hossam El-Din Hayyali, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of the University as well as Vice Presidents for Scientific Affairs, Dr Dilan M Rostam, and Administration and Students Affairs, Dr Aswad Kader Ahmed. Also the Deans of the Colleges of Law and International Relations and Diplomacy Dr Sulaf Abdullah Hama Rashid, and Dean of the College of Business and Economics Dr Khadija Qader Samail and a number of university professors from various disciplines in addition to guests from outside the university and the participation of fragrant students of the university of all disciplines.

The importance of the workshop:

It is important that this marketing activity is based on alternative (not doing) policy, and as a marketer needs sufficient information about products, markets and reserves against unfair competition owners who use demarketing to distract customers from other competitors.

Objective of the workshop:

The need to adopt modern trends in marketing, in order to keep pace with developments in the external environment and adapt to them, which makes the customer ready and ready to act towards the acquisition of products.

The workshop was opened with a speech by the Dean of the College of Economic Administration Dr. Khadija Kadir, and then Mr. Sami introduced the first session, which recognises the concept of marketing management and reverse marketing and its importance and at any time we need, as well as identify the elements, Which is explained in detail step by step and dealt with the axis of the importance of marketing on the one hand and Demarketing on the other hand and the importance of the commercial enterprises as there are sections specific to each company or the profitability of its marketing based on the principle of Demarketing in some of its work.

In the second part of the workshop, Ms. Mahabad highlighted some of the organizations' ways to achieve demarketing, as well as the impact of demarketing on rationalizing customer practices.

She explained that demarketing has several aspects, including the negative ones, including the positive if applied correctly to customers will benefit from the best image and added two types of demarketing (demarketing and selective demarketing). She pointed out that marketing is an attempt by consumers in general or special categories of them temporarily or permanently from the consumption of a product or a commodity.

After the workshop, some of the professors and students asked a number of questions to the lecturers about the marketing and more information about what was discussed in the workshop, where some expressed their benefit from this workshop and his intention to attend the next workshops held by the