Bayan University participates in the Fourth International Conference on International Legal Issues



Under the umbrella of the law, the Faculty of Law at Tishk University held its 3 days conference on Tuesday 30/4/2019. The Fourth International Conference on International Legal Issues was attended by a large number of professors and specialists in the field of law. There was wide participation of researchers and academics from the Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities, with the attendance of the first key speaker, Dr. Marwan Mohamed Mahrous Teacher / Specialization: Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, he has a Doctor of Philosophy in Law - Master of Public Law - Bachelor of Law Faculty. He has done research entitled “Development of Judicial Methods Protection and Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms”


Also the second main speaker Dr. Osman Yassin Ali / Specialization: Administrative Law, Who has Doctor of Philosophy in Public Law - Master of Public Law - Bachelor of Laws. Dr Osamn Research on “Legislative Development of Administrative Justice in Iraq and its Consequences in Kurdistan Region”. They shared their valuable ideas and research with the audience,


The conference was attended by 95 researchers and academics from 30 universities in Iraq, Kurdistan and many countries such as Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, the United Kingdom and Bahrain. 67 research papers were accepted, including the research provided by Bayan University in order to enrich our reality of some solutions to the problems facing our societies.

The main themes of the conference:


  • Legal studies.

  • The axis of political science.

  • The centre of Islamic sciences.


The importance of the conference:


  • Determining the reasons for the lack of legislation

  • Work on the analysis of laws in force and evaluate and submit proposals

  • To find ways to strengthen the rule of law.


Objectives of the Conference:

  • The spirit of scientific research.

  • Activate and encourage academic links between academics.

  • Identify ways to better promote the rule of law.

  • Work for the analysis and evaluation of existing laws and make appropriate proposals.

  • To identify the reasons for legislative limitations.

  • Discuss the challenges related to the development of laws to keep pace with developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

  • Study the political situation in the region and its impact on the Kurdistan Region.

  • Encouraging the spirit of religious tolerance and rejecting extremism in all its forms.

  • Strengthening the role of universities in society and directing scientific research to serve the community.


Where each of the teaching assistants participated in Bayan University

(Dr. Hanan Ali / International Relations, MA Ela Bahaa Omar / General Law, Faculty of Law and International Relations)

In the Fourth International Conference on Legal Issues, entitled "Protecting Communities from Violence and Hate in the Light of International and Regional Laws and Conventions", which was held at Tishk International University where the research was conducted by the professor at the Faculty of Law and International Relations (Alaa Bahaa Omar)

Importance of the research:


The importance of research is the subject of increasing violence and hatred as a complex phenomenon from the political, cultural and social point of view, and that the biggest burden is on the specialists and officials in how to activate the culture of tolerance and accept the other as part of a social strategy that calls for uniting the political formation of society in all its different sectors and components. As a social fact that cannot be embodied without the development of the community culture, the responsibility remains on the shoulders of specialists in the application of laws and community conventions and international and regional treaties that have criminalized this act and called for the need to apportion those who promote him.

Search Hypothesis:


In order to deal with the previous problem and to become familiar with the subject matter of the research, the research starts from a basic assumption that societies bear the brunt of the fighting and rejecting the discourse of violence and hatred by activating the laws and conventions that started to combat the practices resulting from the phenomenon.


In this research, a number of questions were raised:

What is the meaning of the speech of violence and hatred? What are the main theoretical concepts of both violence and hatred?

  • What is the magnitude of the effects of this discourse that may cast a shadow over societies.?

  • What are the most prominent manifestations of increased violence and hatred?

  • What is community protection? What are their most important applications?

  • What are the most prominent international and regional conventions and treaties dealing with the phenomenon of violence and hatred? What are the main mechanisms that have been put in place to combat such destructive phenomena?


There was wide participation of researchers and academics from Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities. The research presented at the conference was also published in the Tishk University Journal, including the research which was attended by the Bayan University,


Bayan University (BNU) is a private university located in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). BNU was founded in 2014 and consists of 4 faculties and 16 departments such as Computer Science, Law, International Relations, Accounting, Business Management and MLS.