A delegation from Bayan University,visited The Aram Centre for people with special needs

A delegation from Bayan University, consisting of the President of the University of Bayan Dr Karim Saleh Abdoul, The Vice President for Scientific Affairs Dr Dilan Majid bnu36Rostam and The Vice President for Student Affairs, accompanied by the Students Union Center visited The Aram Centre for people with special needs on Thursday (25/5/2019) in the city of Erbil. They wanted to contribute and draw a smile on their faces also giving their support for the wonderful job they do at the centre. This took place in the company of a delegation of the university and a group of students from the Student Union.


To participate in a Ramadan evening and breakfast together, as well as to provide a material amount as an expression of our love for them, and notice the existence of a large role in the community and they are an important part of its components, and the delegation to spread the spirit of activity and hope to administrators and people with needs, to ensure their happiness and pleasure for them .


They have been warmly welcomed by officials and have been well-organized throughout the centre. In addition to the assistance provided to them. The delegation toured the centre of the centre, accompanied by the director of the centre, Ms Nermin Shaaban. In the context of the definition of the centre for the care of people with special needs, Which are not received by government centres or persons of other religions.


The centre offers a wide range of services including food, drink and clothing, as well as holding systematic and non-specific activities for beneficiaries with special needs. The centre includes 34 cases receiving services and cares for people with special needs aged from 20 to 55/60. That the centre includes supervisors of various levels of culture, including employees and receive wages and some of them provide assistance on a voluntary basis.


It includes eight employees who exchange centres in the morning and evenings to serve people with disabilities. Currently, there are two or more people working to support this centre on a regular basis every month, but the amount is small and does not provide the requirements of the cases it sponsors. The centre consists of several sections, including the health care, kitchen, nursing and clinical departments. 


The Director of the Center that it has continued with more than one NGO for its support in its project and continued with the government in Kurdistan and civil society organizations ... until finally won a piece of land by the state area in the form (Muscatah) 1980. In return for what Mrs. Nermin is doing, she has worked diligently and sincerely without waiting for any compensation. Many cases have been taken out of the streets and from the prisons, and she has been given personal care, in addition to an organization and more than one person.


It is worth mentioning that this visit is not the first time that Bayan University has done this work, and has already provided assistance to this centre in the past year. The visit of Bayan University to the Eaaram Center aims to contribute to drawing the smile and hope on the faces of this centre. And touch their suffering.





شاندێکی زانکۆ بەسەرۆکایەتی  پ.د.کریم صالح عبدول سەرۆکی زانکۆ و یاریدەدەری سەرۆکی  زانکۆ بۆ کاروباری کارگێری و قوتابیان و یاریدەدەری سەرۆکی  زانکۆ بۆ کاروباری زانستی و نوێنەری قوتابیان . سەردانی ( بنکەی ئارام بۆ خاوەن  پێداویستیەکان ) یان کرد ڕۆژی ٢٥/٥/٢٠١٩ ،

بە مەبەستی ئاشنابوون لەگەڵیان و دڵخۆشی کردنیان کە  ئێوارەخوانێکی ڕەمەزانی خۆش بووبێ بۆیان . بەڕێز ( د. نەرمین سڤیان ) بەرپرسی بنکەکە خۆشی دەربڕی بۆ ئەم سەردانە . وە بەڕێزیان روونی کردەوە کە ئەم بنکەیە لە سەر نەفەقەی خۆی بەڕێوەی  دەبات وە جۆرەها حالات وەردەگرێت . وە ووتی بنکەکە خواردن و خواردنەوە و جل و بەرگ و پێداویستیەکانی ژیان دابین دەکات بۆیان . ئێستا (٣٤) کەس کە خاوەن پێداویستن لەم بنکەیە کە تەمەنیان لە نێوان ٢٤-٦٠ ساڵانە . وە ئەوانەی کار دەکەن لەم بنکەیە خۆبەخشن .وە روونی کردەوە کە  ئەوان لە دەرگای چەندین شوێن و ڕێکخراویان داوە ، وە پارچە زەویەک لە لایەن حکومەتەوە تەرخان کراوە , وە ئەم سەردانە دووەم جارە کە زانکۆی بەیان ئەنجامی دەدات .