Bayan University begins experimental lectures.

bnu elBayan University staff started the experiential lectures of the Law Department for the first, second and third stages by the course professor M. Baha Omar faced this interaction and demand by the students as the preparation seemed to them to complete it to start with distance learning (E-learning)

Bayan University has adopted a system (distance education) as a step to help students complete their studies while they are in their homes, is an attempt to provide them with protection and protect them from infection with any diseases, in addition to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region, thankfully the universities have informed several decisions stating The commitment of homes, the disruption of attendance at universities, and the start of distance teaching, and in fact, Bayan University has relied on this decision and established an electronic portal on the official website of the university on which all lectures and educational videos have been raised, and many lessons have been prepared via the Internet, and therefore it has been reported University students statement that the glossy will provide all the facilities possible to overcome this adversity and to overcome the obstacles they face.
All the university lectures are training students to use the university’s online portal and try to train students to use Google meet, and Gmail programs.

 We wish everyone success and success
Bayan University