(The Faculty of Law, International Relations and Diplomacy organizes the first online “workshop” workshop at the university)

lerIn the implementation of the directives of the President of the University, (Dr. Fouad Mawloud) Sharif, to organize seminars and workshops via the Internet on Monday and Wednesday of each week, the Faculty of Law, International Relations and Diplomacy at our university organized on Monday 4/5/2020 the first workshop (Workshops) via the Internet at the university, which was about ( Virus Corona: ways to confront it in the Kurdistan Region and its legal and economic implications) through the Google Hangouts meet program.

The workshop started at two o'clock in the afternoon with the word opening and welcoming the attendees by the President of the University. Then the head of the law department at the University of Bayan moderated the course of work of the workshop and explained its axes and mechanisms of its work. Then (Dr. Sami Jalal Faqi), Director General of the Diwan in the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Region, gave his research in which he highlighted the effective mechanisms taken by the region's government in the face of Corona virus, which made the region's experience one of the most successful experiments in this field, certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and then delivered Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Duhok, (Dr. Khairy Ibrahim Murad), his research and shed light on the effects of Corona virus on the employment contract, indicating the legal adaptation of the situation arising from the spread of the virus and its effects on the obligations of the employer and worker, and the head of the appropriate law department Data and interventions between the two searches and attendance providers. After that, the Head of the Department of International and Diplomatic Relations at Bayan University ran the course of the workshop’s work, and the school assisted in the Law Department of Bayan University, (Ala Bahaa Omar), presented her research in which she highlighted the effects of Corona virus on human rights, indicating the necessity of a balance between respecting the public interest and respecting human rights, then the teacher threw in the department International and diplomatic relations at Bayan University, (Dr. Ali Bashar), his research on the effects of Corona virus on the global economy and its implications for the Iraqi economy, calling for the need for the region’s government to pay attention to other sectors and not rely on oil imports only. After that, the Head of the International Relations and Diplomacy Department led the interventions and discussions between the authors of the research and the public.

The workshop, which lasted for about two hours and five minutes, was concluded and attended by forty participants between academics, administrators and public figures from the Kurdistan Region and other regions of Iraq, as well as from Jordan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, the United States of America and other countries.
  In a closing address delivered by (Dr. Bengin Masih Oudal), Assistant President of Bayan University for Academic Affairs.

It is worth noting that this workshop started as an idea proposed by His Excellency (Dr. Abdul Salam Muhammad Saeed Al-Hayali), Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Bayan University, then the president of the University (Dr. Fouad Mawad Sharif) called for a meeting of the University Council to discuss the implementation of the proposal. In this meeting, a detailed plan was drawn up for the workshop and the formation of its committees Instructions to start preparations for that.