Bayan University held a seminar about Bologna process system of learning.

bayan university On Saturday 24/10/2020 Bayan University held a seminar about Bologna process system of learning.Dr. Fuad Mawlood Shareef president of Bayan University with Dr. Bangin Masih Awdil vice president for sciencetefic affairs, Dr. Mohamed Ahmad Ramadan vice president for administrative and student affairs, Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim Baqi in charge of Bologna process system at College of engineering Salahaddin University. Thus, Academic staff and Head of department participate in this meeting.
A.l. Ali Faik director of Quality Assurance at Bayan University present a seminar about the Bologna process in details. The Bologna process system of learning as an credit based system implemented in the highest universities around the globe like United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Specifically in Bayan University the Bologna process implemented two years ago in all of the colleges and departments except college of Law.
The speaker of the seminar insist on the newest instructions of the minstery of higher education and scientific research in the Kurdistan Region(Minstery order number 6762 in 19/8/2020) about the Bologna process system.
At the end of this seminar the held in Nawrooz Hall Bayan University about one and half hours. Recommendations and suggestions as well as has been provided about the Bologna process system.