(Quality Assurance Symposium at Bayan University)

bnu sponsored by the President of Bayan University (Prof. Fouad Mowloud Sharif) and the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Bankin Masih Odel) The Quality Assurance Officer at the University (M.M. Ali Faeq Muhammad Saeed) A seminar on the annual plan for quality assurance and the vocabulary of this plan to be applied to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and to develop and advance education at the university. This symposium was attended by a number of the university's angel professors, and important topics were presented and opinions were expressed by the attendees, and many questions and inquiries were asked and answered. A certificate of appreciation was presented to the presenter of the symposium at the end, and the quality assurance official at the university promised future seminars that would include other topics and more details about the activities of the Quality Assurance Unit at Bayan University.


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