Under the auspices of Bayan University (Assistant Professor Doctor Fuad Mawlood Shareef) University organized a workshop under the title (Electronic Health) in the presence of the President of the University (Assistant Professor Doctor  Fouad Mouloud Sharif), Assistant President for Administrative Affairs and Students (Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Ramadan) and Assistant President for Scientific Affairs (Dr.Bankin Mesiho Udel)
The use of information and communication technologies in the health fields was explained, and the importance of electronic health in our life was clarified and discussed and how it has evolved in countries and countries, especially in the Kurdistan region, and also how e-health has affected the reduction of infection in the COVID 19 pandemic in a section of countries such as China, Sri Lanka and Singapore

There is no argument or obstacle to the use of electronic health, but it should be an argument for accessing and benefiting from electronic health services at a lower cost and greater impact
In conclusion, a certificate of thanks and appreciation was presented to the international participation of teaching (Noor Zuhair) by the President of the University wishing all the best in providing more scientific workshops that are in the interest of the community and the scientific field and befitting Bayan University