(An academic staff member of Bayan University participating in the 1st international conference of Knowledge university about;Applied computing and and smart cities)

bnuAssistant lecturer Murthad husain Al-Yoonus, an academic staff member of our university computer sciences department participated by  a scientific research titled( 
Face Recognition System using Independent components Analysis and support vector Neural Network Classifier) in the 1st international conference of Knowledge University in Erbil about;Applied computing and smart cities (ICACS21S21), which is started today, Saturday 22/1/2022 and will be ended tomorrow Sunday 23/1/2022.
The research paper , which is one of the pioneer  researches, in the area, in this field which it’s importance had been increased through coronavirus pandemic and increasing of terrorist and international crimes, introduces a robust face recognition system using independent components Analysis for features extraction and support vector neural networks for classification.