VPS Office

Welcome to the Office of Vice President for Scientific Affairs (VPS) at Bayan University (BNU). Here we aim to publish activities and guidelines managed by VPS. 

The Vice President for Scientific Affairs (VPS) is responsible for the academic curriculum of the institution, providing supervision to the academic members and managing the processes through which teaching is conducted and administered at BNU. The VPS ensures that the curriculum reflects the mission of the university appropriately as a whole and to be updated in terms of disciplines and delivery.

This office is providing and monitoring Academic Quality Assurance (AQA) regulations. It is also promoting professional development for the university-wide academic community.

As a leader of scientific affairs, the BNU vice president for scientific affairs (VPS) guides the establishment of overall directions for the university’s academic programs. The VPS anticipates future developments in higher education and their impact on the university, identifies the threats and opportunities they pose and evaluates the needs inherent in meeting those challenges creatively and effectively.

The VPS is responsible for ensuring the academic quality of all departments, programs, and services within the academic affairs unit through the appropriation and allocation of necessary resources, through the oversight of hiring and evaluation activities, and through the establishment and coordination of policies and priorities. 

At BNU the VPS oversees the development of the strategic plan for scientific affairs, assigns responsibilities for its implementation, reviews academic policies for their consistency with the strategic plan and university mission, and has responsibility for the overall evaluation of the plan's implementation and outcomes. The VPS also coordinates initiatives and ongoing programs across all areas of academic affairs and guides the establishment of annual and long-term priorities.

However, the VPS office at BNU also directly responsible in the following area;

  1. Acts as Officer-in-Charge of the college when so designated by the President;
  2. Directly reports to the President and responsible in implementing academic policies and programs of the college;
  3. Exercises the following specific duties and functions:
  • To supervise and coordinate all academic units and programs of the College;
  • To administer the overall execution of policies on instruction approved by the Board of Trustees, as recommended by the University Council, and by other higher authorities;
  • To recommend academic policies pertaining to curricula, faculty appointments and assignments, and academic programs;
  • To evaluate the performance of the Directors and Deans under his supervision;
  • To develop an academic strategy for the university
  • To oversee the Education Quality provided by the university and leading the office of Academic Quality Assurance (AQA)
  • To develop curriculum and programs
  • To conduct meetings and conferences with Directors and Deans under his supervision;
  • To coordinate with the Research and Extension units of the college in promoting the research and extension activities of the faculty;
  • To coordinate with other educational institutions and/or related agencies to ensure inter-program/agency complementation and efficient maximization of available resources; and
  • To submit periodic report and accomplishments to the President.


Please communicate /visit the Office of VPS for further information


VPS Office