poster festival

bnuOn 21/11/2020 Bayan University, in cooperation with the Students’ Union at the university, organized a poster festival, in the presence of the university president (Prof. Dr. Fuad Mawlood Sharif), the assistant president of the university for practical affairs (Dr.

The University of Bayan organized a workshop under the title (( How much can you get the cooperation between the Department of Social And Business Market Self-Control Program ))

bayan university On Wednesday, which is the 18/11/2020 agreement, a workshop was held in the presence of each of the university's presidents. Assistance professor dr. Fuad Mawlud Sharif, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs( Dr. Bangin Christ Awdel) and Assistant President of the University for Student Affairs (Dr.

To celebrate the international amnesty day ( Law College of Law and International Relations And Diplomacy , the Workshop shows no ( Taziz Qaim al-Tamamah and the need for a change of law and international relations )

bayan university Under the supervision of the president of the University, Mr. Dr. Fouad Sherif Mawlud, and to celebrate the anniversary of the International Forgiveness Day (Ayum al-Duli Letsamah), the dean of the College of International Law and Relations and Diplomacy, the Workshop On Monday, 16-11-2020 at 11 a.m. by College dean dr.

The Vice President of Bayan University participates in two scientific symposiums via the Internet)

bayan universityVice President of Bayan University for Administration and Students' Affairs, participated in two scientific symposiums  through the ZOOM platform on Saturday 10/31/2020.The first symposium was held by the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Babylon entitled (The Possibilities of Economic Reform in Iraq Between Reality and Ambition) and the second  was organized by  Hillol (the Solutions) Center for Future Stud

The Vice president of Bayan university participates in an online symposium held by the Iraqi Forum for Elite and Competencies)

bayan universityDr.Muhammad Ahmad Ramadan, Vice President of Bayan University for Administration and Student Affairs, participated in the symposium held by the Iraqi Forum for Elite and Competencies on Friday 10/30/2020 via the Internet and through the Googl Meet program entitled (White Paper: Between Theory and Practice) An Analytical Study of the Final Report of the Emergency Cell For fiscal reform in Iraq) More than 70 personalities, between a univ