The participation of the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Bayan University

bayan university(Mrs. Alaa Badie Baban) in an international scientific research training course entitled “Scientific Research Methodology and Classification of International Journals”
Sponsored by the European-Arab Network for Studies at the Roal Swedish University
sponsored by the Knowledge Enrichment Academy
In the International Friendship with the Organization and the global gateway to Rika. 

Bayan University participates in the International Legal Conference on Legal Issues

bayan universityInstructor (Alaa Baha Omar) at the College of Law and International Relations at Bayan University participated in the Sixth International Legal Conference of Tishk International University in Erbil with her research tagged (international protection of public administration from the crisis of administrative and financial corruption), where she discussed in h

Bowling cup final

bnuBayan University concluded the bowling tournament for students at the college level in cooperation with the Students Union at the university. Which was agreed upon with (Smileyland \ Royal Mall) company, in addition to specifying the appropriate times for students to hold matches, which do not conflict with the dates of their lectures or the times of their exams. Dr..

Final of chess tournament for BNU students

bnu On 28/4/2021Sports chess tournament Final  for BNU students, with the participation of four students from different faculties to win the league title to win the cup. With the students to inform them of the dates of their matches and to discuss about the appropriate times for them than others in proportion to the working hours of the lectures.

BNU Billiard league

bnuBayan University, in cooperation with the Student Union, organized a billiard tournament for university students. Saturday, February 28, 2021 inside the university, where competition intensified among students, with follow-up and coverage by the media official and the Student Union to determine the needs and requirements of the organization.