Bayan University students in the Kurdistan Region Parliament

parlamanOn Monday, February 17, 20, students of the Department of International Relations and Law visited the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region under the supervision of Professor (Wzhar Fahri Saadi) and Professor (Sarwar Hama Ahmad). During the tour students visited the Great Parliament Library and learn about the history of this library and the stories it contains of construction and reconstruction over the years, and within the tour students inside the walls of Parliament visited the meeting room and obtained large amounts of information about The Parliament's mechanism worked in line with their studies and within the framework of their specializations, they exchanged questions and obtained healing answers.

The visit to the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region is not the first of its kind only preceded by a visit last year to a larger number of students, and Bayan University relies to a large degree on scientific trips and coordination with governmental and private institutions to support the student and provide all support to them.