Good Governance

10th BNU WorkshopThe 10th Workshop at BNU will bring to road table the concept of Good Governance which is considered one of the most important and sensitive topics in the governmental and non-governmental bodies because it includes many administrative, economic, social and legal aspects in the country. It regulates the relationship between the management of the institutions and the boards of directors of the institutions to lay down the foundations that determine the objectives of the institutions and monitor their performance. The formation of good emitters to motivate them to pursue their interests, which makes it easier to provide the necessary confidence for the use and employment of economic and human resources in society.

The importance of the workshop:

The importance of applying the principles of good governance by governments, whether in the public or private sectors, which contributes to raising economic efficiency, increasing openness to global markets, creating a broad base of investors from local investors and foreigners. Guarantee their rights.


The objective of the workshop:

Minimizing administrative backwardness and finding suitable solutions to the management of public and private institutions from administrative corruption, both financially and administratively, and reducing the gap between administrative units.

The first Session:
In which the concept of management and its importance is recognized. It is clear that we always need good governance and where we find a national reference to it, as well as to identify the standards, and the impact of their absence in the framework of good governance. This session is provided by Dr Ahlam Abrahem

Dr Ahlam Ibrahim Waly is a Strategic management specialization and Dean of College of Management and Economics, University of Salahaddin-Erbil. He is teaching at Bayan University College of Business and Economics.

The second session:

In which presenter will shed light on the concept of leadership and its components, what is the wise leadership and the responsibilities of the administrative leader, as well as the study of misconceptions and misconceptions about leadership by imposing power and the disadvantages of exaggerating it, as well as reference to the elements of effective leadership and indicators of its success. This session is provided by Lecturer Hazha Khattab Muhammad.

Lecturer Hazha Khattab Muhammad is a Marketing Management specialist. she is teaching at the College of Business and Economics, Salahuddin University, Erbil. He is also teaching at Bayan University College of Business and Economics.

Please Join us!

  • Bayan University (BNU), Gullan Str, Erbil EBL 550, KRI
  • Time : 11:00 am to 14:00
  • Date: Monday the 15th of April 2019