Seminar for law students at Bayan Universityheld a seminar with the title (Intentional Homicide)

Law seminar The Faculty of Law and International Relations on Monday 17/2/2020 in the corridors of Bayan University Library and in the presence of law students and professors of the Faculty of Law and International Relations, held a seminar with the title (Intentional Homicide) prepared by students in the Law Department of the third stage (student Omar Amir and student Rayan Ismail) Under the supervision of a professor of special crim

Bayan University cooperated with the eye Hospital

wast eyeA healthy mind in a healthy body .....
 In the presence of the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Fouad Mawlid Sharif), the Director of the University Administration (Mr. Abdul Rahman Amin Saleh), the Deputy Director of the Department (Mr. Jamal Al-Hadithi) and a large number of students A medical staff from the west eye hospital  On Sunday, 2\ 16 \2020

Bayan University table tennis tournament

The second level of Bayan University table tennis tournamentTEANAS was held inside the university walls, where 3 second-level matches ended.
Congratulations to the winners and good luck to the rest of the students.





دورة تعليم اللغة الكوردية

اقامت جامعة بيان دورة تدريبية مجانية في اللغة الكوردية لجميع التدريسيين  kurوالاداريين وعدد من طلبة الجامعة, الذين يواجهون صعوبه في النطق وتعلم اللغة الكوردية و بأشراف الأستاذ المحترم ( عبد الرحمن امين صالح) حيث تقدم هذه الدورة يومي الأحد والاربعاء  بمعدل ساعة ونصف في اليوم الواحد.